OrigenAE S21T Black (Excellent Condition)

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This listing is for a bare computer case from OrigenAE - the S21T. 

Includes the origenAE remote controls so you can sleep/wake the machine remotely and perform basic play/pause functionality with supported media players. Does NOT include a PC or other computer components! 

Watch the videos below to see what else is included.

Condition: USED in Excellent Condition. Works exactly as new with no cosmetic defects. Motorized 1080p screen lowers and returns effortlessly. Tested and working perfectly with Windows 10. The included stylus does not pop out - it must be pulled out of its slot. This is the only defect. In any case the stylus is just a piece of aluminum - you can use your fingers or any solid object with this touch screen.

Shipping: Worldwide on a flat shipping rate of $99.

Model: S21T MPN: S21T
Colour: Black Item Length: 435
Item Height: 220 Item Width: 390
Number of 5.25 in Drive Bays: 1 Case Material: Aluminium
Front Ports: multi format media bay, microphone, headphone, Audio, FireWire, USB Product Line: OrigenAE
Brand: OrigenAE PSU Included: No
Case Type: HTPC Manufacturer Warranty: None
Number of 3.5 in Drive Bays: 0 Form Factor: atx, micro atx
Features: motorized 1080p monitor




Featuring an impressive 12.1 inch motorized TFT touch screen, removable motherboard tray, support for ten hard drives, no visible screws on the outside of  a 5mm thick one-piece aluminium chassis panel, unrivalled hardware compatibility and a footprint depth of only 390mm, the S21T is possibly the craziest idea we have ever let go beyond the back-of-an-envelope concept stage, but after a year of literally blood, sweat, tears, sleepless weeks, Chinese delicacies (if you only knew) and the odd moment of divine inspiration, here it is... Combining style, innovation, and un-surpassed attention to detail, the S21T offers users the ultimate home theatre PC experience.
- 12.1" motorized TFT touch screen display
- 1920x1080 TFT resolution support
- one piece 5mm aluminium front & sides
- 1 x 120mm exhaust fan (pre-installed)
- 2 x 90mm intake fan (pre-installed)
- front media bay, usb hub, audio & firewire
- matched optical drive bezel
- removable motherboard tray
- rubber isolation hard drive screws
- supplied with IR221 Module
- supplied with RC197 programmable remote
- support for up to 10 hard drives
- matching aluminium stylus


        external dimensions (WxHxD)
          construction materials
          mainboard support
          psu support
          pci / agp card support
          drive bays
          fan support
          expansion slots
          front I/O ports
          ir solution
          net weight
          available colours
          tft specification      


          - 435 x 220 x 390mm (*inc feet)
          - all aluminium chassis
          - atx, micro atx
          - full atx
          - full size
          - 10 x 3.5" internal drive bays
          - 1 x 5.25" external drive bay
          - 1 x 120mm rear exhaust fans
          - 2 x 92mm intake fans

          - 7
          - 2 x usb ports (+2 internal)
          - 1 x firewire (1394) port
          - 1 x headphone (HD & AC97)
          - 1 x microphone (HD & AC97)
          - 1 x multi format media bay
          - included microsoft IR (IR221)

          - ~9.8kg
          - black
          - 12.1 " screen size
          - 16:10 ratio
          - 1920 x 1080 max resolution
          - 1280 x 800 native resolution
          - 1 x svga input
          - 12v dc input
          - 9w power consumption
          - auto power on feature

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OrigenAE S21T Black (Excellent Condition)
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