Rejection Notifier for osTicket

Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
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Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
Rejection Notifier for osTicket

Rejection Notifier is a powerful osTicket plugin, that can block ticket creation by email for un-registered users and notify the customer that their ticket request is rejected. It basically acts as an email auto-responder in response to rejected tickets, when the incoming email is from un-registered users of osTicket. With Rejection Notifier installed, it is now possible to use email filters, to also customize rejection messages that will go out only to your registered users.

If you want to also reject registered users from sending emails to open new tickets, you can create an email filter. This plugin makes it easy for you to distinguish your registered users in your filters - just add a filtering rule where 'User/Full Name' does not contain 'unregistered user'. Alternatively, you can enable the 'Exit after I run' switch, which means that unregistered user emails will never reach your email filters - however this will not work with IMAP fetching (only with PIPED fetching).

Rejection Notifier is useful in cases where you want to reject incoming emails from un-registered users to your osTicket support system. You can do this by going to Admin panel > Emails > Settings > [Accept email from unknown Users] and unchecking this option. In such cases, osTicket rejects the incoming email silently and without informing the customer who is waiting for a response. 
By installing this plugin you can solve this problem and avoid this behaviour, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your corporate image.

Rejection Notifier responds to such rejected emails immediately as the email is received without cron or log scanning requirements. The autoresponse to customer and administrator can be fully customized in the plugin configuration page. Shortcodes are also supported in both these emails to make them more useful and personal.
Furthermore you can choose whether to log these responses, plus you have the ability to ignore email addresses from being processed by the plugin. 

The plugin integrates into osTicket seamlessly via the osTicket plugins installation mechanism.
All plugin options can be managed in the administration backend.

Additional Information


osTicket Support Ticket system.


Compatible with any extensions.

Special Requirements

Nothing to report.



Choose your method:

Easy Installation

Install our plugin in 3 easy steps:

1. Download & Unzip
  • Download our plugin.
  • Extract its contents onto your hard drive.
2. FTP & Upload
  • FTP into your osTicket installation & find the osTicket root directory.
  • On your computer, find the folder 'include' where you extracted the zip file.
  • Upload this folder into the osTicket root directory on the server.
3. Install via plugin installer
  • Login into osTicket.
  • Go to Admin panel > Manage > Plugins.
  • Click [Add New Plugin].
  • Click [Install] next to the name of our plugin.

In the list of 'Currently Installed Plugins' click on our plugin to configure it to your specifications.
Remember, you have to enable the plugin in order to activate it, so go to Admin panel > Manage > Plugins, check the plugin and click More > [Enable].
You can also uninstall the plugin without any issues whatsoever.

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Rejection Notifier for osTicket
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Τύπος Λογισμικού
osTicket Plugin
Compatibility 1.12.x - 1.18.x
Τροποποίηση Plugin
Κορυφαία Υποστήριξη
Απεριόριστες ενημερώσεις
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Downloads (2)
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
1.12.x » 1.16.x
Version: 1.2.2
Rejection Notifier for osTicket
1.17.x » 1.18.x
Version: 1.4.0
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