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Our aim is much more than just good service - we stive for a positive customer experience before and after a sale.
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We have been involved in the Information Technology and e-commerce industry since 1995. Our first electronic ordering system was for a UK company of Gourmet restaurants, based in Marble Arch London. It was designed using Drumbeat and the electronic orders were transmitted to the store using fax. Those were the days before Macromedia Dreamweaver was even announced.

Some of the biggest household names in Cyprus have used our solutions since the year 2000. 

By 2002 we developed probably the first electronic ticket-ordering system in Cyprus for the opera of Pafos Aphrodite Festival. It was designed using a Microsoft SQL backend while the front end was exclusively designed in Flash for the theatre seating arrangement to be responsive and zoomable.

Payments were made online via JCC Payment Systems which accepted all major credit cards. To facilitate payments we created a payment interface module written in perl while the website was hosted on Microsoft IIS.

The first fully automated call-center and fault reporting system for the Electricity Authority of Cyprus was designed and implemented by us. It was a huge undertaking involving a large number of distributed component systems all running in unison to provide the EAC customers with unparalleled uninterrupted service.

We have always been pioneers in our design and implementation of numerous custom-made projects involving various front and back-end technologies, including CTI, IVR, Loyalty and POS.

Cartmega has also developed a VPS installation and configuration application for Linux, called snappyVPS.

Cartmega today is using tried and tested techonologies such as Opencart, PHP, MySQL and Linux to bring various solutions to market.

Our primary direction is geared towards e-commerce and solutions to facilitate the functionality, speed and reliability of transactions. 

As such we have created a number of extensions and modules for the Opencart platform.

To aid our customers in their quest for speed and performance of their e-commerce applications, Cartmega has also developed a VPS installation and configuration application for Linux, called snappyVPS.

Being a software provider, much weight is put on the importance of customer service and support. This is why all our software is accompanied by our world-class support service and free updates.

We strive for perfection. Allow us to assist you in your e-commerce project.

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